Have you started asking the hard questions? Am I living my best life? Am I happy? Is my body working with me?

We believe in BALANCE, in all areas of your life.  Now we know Rome was not built in a day, but there is no reason to live feeling overwhelmed, anxious, indecisive, lost, battling with physical and emotional strains every day.  Perhaps one day it’s lack of sleep, the day after it’s overwhelmed, depressed, anxious and panicked.

Have you ever woken up saying I don’t feel great, I need to start eating better? But I can’t seem to think of where to start so I will worry about it tomorrow? Or I will start my new fitness regime tomorrow? But tomorrow never comes?

I was once one of these people, my work overwhelmed me I was a successful corporate worker with three small kids and a husband. Every part of my life needed my full attention and I started struggling to cope after years of burning the candle on both ends of the stick. Never having time for fitness, or mindful relaxation I just kept going until I realised there had to be more to life than just repeating the same thing every day. Asking the same questions daily.

What I did realise after years of studying, working and parenting is that life requires balance.  What you put into your body will affect how your body reacts to your lifestyle.  How you motivate yourself will affect how you will handle your day to day life.  What you keep meditating (thinking about all the time) will affect how you are and how you feel. And how you are will affect how those are around you and it affects them as much as it affects you.

When I help someone, it’s not a one box fits all situation. You need to look at your whole situation, environment and current state of mind through various methodologies.  I will help you work towards a healthier and happier lifestyle, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Through a fresh start…

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