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Welcome to New Health Nutrition a health and wellness blog. A place to learn a little, empower yourself and a safe place for questions! Our story is both personal and inspiring, we love what we do, we love to inspire and share our successes.  We hope you find our content interesting and most importantly helpful!

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“It’s easy to start loving what you eat”

My name is Rose Spencer. I`m a life & success coach, as well as a certified vegan lifestyle coach. I dedicated all my time to creating a lasting difference in the lives of other people which is why I`m committed to coaching and inspiring others, and my services are tailored to the individual needs and desires of my clients.

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Whether you want to get fit, need more of a mind full approach or improve your nutrition. We support you through it all.

What People Say

I have worked with Liyana for years, I am the CEO of a Marketing Agency. This has me in a position of Stress and Burnout mostly, working with Liyana keeps me healthy, balanced and keeps my mind strong.

Wesley van Wyk

Wesley van Wyk

CEO & Founder, yMarketing

Thank you so much New Health Nutrition for guiding me on what I can eat and helping me gain the knowledge about what I put in my body and staying healthy. Not only did you help me get healthier but you helped balance my hormones and emotions… Thank you so much. Best advice given. Feeling so amazing

Carmen Berg

Carmen Berg

Wesley van Wyk CEO & Founder, yMarketing Carmen Berg Housewife
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Health & Wellness

We take you on a journey of self empowerment!


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