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“Balance is an absolute Joy”

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I am a person very passionate about life, family and work. I am married to my best friend whom I share three amazing kids with. I love to learn new things everyday. I work in the Marketing industry with my husband and I also run my own Nutritional Therapeutic Practice to enable people to live to the maximum health and happiness through their nutrition. In addition to my busy schedule I consult and partner with a few separate companies on the running and operations of them.

And the best part of my day is when I am surrounded by my kids, yes above all else my kids school through international study allowing them a much better education with much larger opportunities. In my free time I study and further my knowledge in all areas of my life. I manage my life and schedule very carefully, and thoroughly enjoy my busy and exciting lifestyle. I find it both very challenging and extremely rewarding. Some of us thrive in routine schedules, and the other half of us thrive off of chaos and unpredictability.

I sincerely believe that we should all push ourselves to the limits and should continue to expand our knowledge not stagnate in one direction till the day we die. In stagnation lies no challenge or reward. Challenge yourself, and allow yourself to become great! I believe in balance in both your personal and professional life! I love to be a mother and a wife, I also believe it is important to have a career and to enjoy what you are doing to allow for fulfilment in all elements of your life.

Imagine, in only 3 months, you will create a healthy lifestyle that honors your own health and well being.

Discover the joy of a

Wholefood Diet

Food is everything. Food is family. Food is memories. Food is medicine. Food brings us together. Food keeps us together.

Quick Facts

My Experience

Year of Coaching Experience
Professional Diploma's


I am Currently doing my Masters in Nutrition (MSc) Degree, as well as Advanced Psychology Studies.

My Qualifications which lead to my healing, and my sharing of knowledge with others:-

Professional Diploma in Nutritional Therapy
Professional Diploma in Nutrition for Cancer Prevention and Longevity
Advanced Diploma in Principles of Nutrition
Advanced Diploma in Special Educational Needs – entitled to use O.A. Dip. (Special Educational Needs Advanced)
Advanced Diploma in Life Skills Coaching – entitled to use O.A. Dip. (Life Skills Coaching – Advanced)
Diploma in Blogging & Content Marketing
Diploma in Sports & Exercise Nutrition
Diploma in Health & Fitness
Diploma in Child Nutrition
Diploma in Nutrition
Diploma in Weight loss
Diploma in Yoga Teacher – entitled to use O.A. Dip. (Yoga Teacher)
Diploma in Pilates Trainer Professional – entitled to use O.A. Dip. (Pilates Trainer Professional)
Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – entitled to use O.A. Dip. (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
Diploma in Child Psychology – entitled to use O.A. Dip. (Child Psychology)
Diploma in Educational Psychology – entitled to use O.A. Dip. (Educational Psychology)
Certificate in Social Media Marketing
Certificate in Indesign Basic to Intermediate
Certificate in Indesign Advanced
Certificate in Indesign Professional



New Health Nutrition | July 2015 – Present
Founder | Nutritional Therapist & Life Coach
Nutritional & Life Coaching Practice to assist people in Natural Nutrition. To take back control of their lives, and manage their personal lives, relationships & careers.

yMarketing Digital Marketing (Pty) Ltd & yTraining – a Division of yMarketing | January 2010 – Present
COO | Business Partner
YMarketing is an Online Multi Level Digital Marketing Agency.
With a Training Division, to teach business owners and other Marketing professionals in all things related to Digital Marketing.

Multidimensions Media Agency & Design / Web Training |November 2009 – Present
COO | Business Partner
Multidimensions is a Media Agency that does Graphic Design and Web
Design and Development; as well as the training thereof in public and in-house

Vodacom | April 2007 – October 2009 (2 years 7 months)
Group Financial Manager
My designation within the companies, I oversaw the day-to-day running of the Marketing Agency (The Formula Group) as well
as the Financial Management element. I managed the financial side of these companies with a staff complement of
approximately 10-15 staff within my divisions. My time with these companies were enjoyed, but I had moved on to grow my
career and create my own ventures moving forward.

Associated Motor Services | January 2006 – January 2007 (1 year 1 month)
Bookkeeping for a group of 4 companies to Trial Balance
I enjoyed the growth and opportunity to learn within this company. However I
was relocating to Cape Town.

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